Procrastination, my close friend, has come to visit.

actually he's been here for some time now.
like maybe my whole life.

anyway he has distracted me in all sorts of silly ways and now I have to pay for time lost.

next week, 3 of my classes end.
all art classes.
with lots of projects.

and let me tell ya,
my creative juices are about dried up.

I'm going to check out early this week.
And possibly check in late next week.
these projects are very demanding of my attention.

so much so that instead of honoring presidents day by sleeping in
{which is how I honor just about every holiday, 'cept christmas}

I'll be chiseling a rock into "art".
straight up Michelangelo style.

and using chemicals that if used wrongly will "kill you"
and machines that could "cut off your finger"
and hot torches with lights so bright I could "go blind"

{true quotes from my teacher}

oh the joys of higher education!

have a happy and safe extra long weekend!!



  1. i've been there. you will make it through. all the art projects at once are killer. good luck!

  2. I will love you even if you are maimed.

  3. i am doing the same thing! no fun no fun. we will get through this though!

  4. "oh the joys of higher education!" haha love it. procrastination was my middle name during nursing school, it was a brutal, brutal time. good luck with all your projects!