heres to love

{in all its fantastic forms}

heres to love
heres to good morning toothpaste kisses
heres to mothers who know just what to say
heres to friends who see your soul
heres to your dad telling you he's proud
heres to gentleman opening doors
heres to sunsets
heres to heart shaped chocolate boxes
heres to poetry and sappy movies
heres to putting forth your whole heart
heres to charity; the love of God
heres to accepting ones self
heres to forgiving and forgetting
heres to smiles from strangers
heres to laughing just cause

valentines isn't just about the
mushy gushy romantic stuff.
it's about LOVE in general.

probably the best day ever invented.

wishing you all a very happy Valentines Day
filled with la la love {of any kind}.



  1. Here's to you, baby girl! Happy day to all!

  2. goodness i loved this. way to make valentines about more than the mushy gushy stuff. way to help me like valentines day that much more!

  3. :) so cute. if you haven't heard the song Toothpaste kisses by the Maccabees, you should. it's lovely

  4. I can't remember how I found your blog...but I loved this post!