looking back on the past week, I'm not quite sure how I did it...

2 midterms
3 essays
3 BIG final art projects
{my fingers still hurt from sanding that stone...}

& I think I only had maybe 2 mental breakdowns!
{progress people, progress}
to which B dutifully responded to with kisses, pep talks, and pints of Haagen Dazs icecream.
he knows me so well.

yesterday was his day off.
It's kinda treated like a holy holiday around here.
it involves him doing whatever he wants {since the rest of the week is spent doing whatever anyone else wants. boo bosses}

but instead, he spent his day helping me with all my last minute assignments! so sweet :)

for my photo final I was supposed to pick 3 songs and have them inspire 3 photos.

one of the songs I chose was "These Days" by Nico
{have you heard it?! love her...}

I hadn't originally wanted to do a self-portrait but I was short on time.
I wanted the photos to have a dream-like 60's feel to them so I used my Diana lens attachment for a bunch of them. I also used some different techniques that I may or may not have invented. it may be hard to believe but only two of the photos below have had any post-editing done to them.

here are some favorites from the shoot:
note: much of them were taken with self timer, but Brandon did take a bunch for me as well.

(w/out diana lens and post-edited)

(w/diana lens. cool look eh?)

(zero editing. weird right?)

this is the one i turned in
it was also post-edited

my favorite

b's favorite

thumbalina's favorite

which is your favorite?


  1. Loooooove these, Claire. My favorite is your favorite. I think it's gorgeous that you can see your silhouette when you're holding your dress out like that. And that lighting is so pretty! Good job Brandon and Claire.

  2. Agreed with angie, and i love them all! look at that long hair! pretty girl :)

  3. my sister you're a pretty girl.
    my favorite is the one where you hair is down after it was up for the past few pics.

  4. Two and three are stunning. The whole atmosphere of the shoot is perfect. Beautiful job!

  5. oh, gee. I love the very first one with legs and pulled skirt. And the one you turned in. And the full silhouette. Very arty farty, young lady!

  6. GORGEOUS photos! i think my favorite is that second one.

  7. i love your dress.
    i really wish i had it. :)
    way to go! 2 midterms done!
    you should celebrate!

  8. in love...so beautiful. I just love the one with the diana lens that has the caption "zero editing, weird right" Really though these are breathtaking.

  9. my fav's are the very first one in black and white and the one just under the one turned in...beautiful, but really with you as the subject, how hard can it be?