that time I made a movie

For my new genre art final I did a video.
last minute.
the night before it was due.
procrastination and me?
yeah, we tight.

really the only reason I procrastinated is cause i'm plum out of ideas.
good ones that is.
{excuses excuses}

thats one of the tricky parts of taking all art classes.
it's sucks the creative right out of you.

and trying to be creative with stuff that involves....techy stuff, is like asking me to wear my bangs pulled back. I just can't do it. (but that's another story)

anyway, this video making brought back all sorts of memories from last semester when I procrastinated on a video project and had to call my super-hero of a sister to save the day. which she does a fantastic job of might I add)

she also saves my days from being boring.
check out her wit over here.

so here is that one project i talked about that one time that one semester, but never posted.

i call it "yarn tree" cause i wrapped some yarn around a tree.

it was my first experience with installation art.
since then I've done 2 more installations.

note: although i do consider wrapping a tree with red yarn "fine art", I don't consider this video to be. It was more just to document the process and show what I did. Now know a little more about video art I would approach the documentation in an entirely different way. One that wouldn't distract from the installation itself. But thats how you learn right?

thanks for cheering me on along the process :)