reasons why friday was the best

1. it was my last day of friday classes this semester!

2. I saw my father-in-law laugh so hard I almost peed my pants

3. I went to the GYM for the first time in my life! (and walked on this evil staircase treadmill thing....AKA a torture machine)

4. Brandon and I got to take a ride in Farmer Gray (see in these photos here and here) we miss him dearly

5. we now have a new member of our family!
(don't be expecting cute puppy pics or a baby bump peeps....)

Meet Mr. Kimball

our organ.

that we got for FREE!
just in time for the holidays!

Brandon picked it up in the truck and when he got home he was like a little boy Christmas Morning! sooo cute :)

happy saturday!

xoxoxo Kitty, B, and Kimball

P.S. See you at the Beehive Bazaar?!

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  1. whaataaaat is this madness??? i'm coming to your house more often. i'm serious.