I set off the fire alarm EVERY time I cook in our apartment
I'm unhealthily addicted to Nutella
my hair is the longest it's ever been
I dream of owning a flower shop
I'm a bed hog (and as soon as Brandon gets out of bed I slip into his spot. It's the alta spot. don't ask me why.)
If I were asked to name and locate all the states I'd likely get a BIG chunk wrong. (thank you elementary ed)
I'm a crier. If I see tears mine start-a-flowin. monkey see monkey do.
I want a giant schnauzer for a pet
Brandon and I kissed on our second date. passionately :)
I like shopping. a little too much.
If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Italy or Spain
I don't dream of building a house someday, I dream of restoring one
I want to spend a summer on the road in a 1950's airstream
I don't care much for chocolate
I have a love/hate relationship with running
Brandon is my best friend
I'm the worst at texting back
I judge books by their covers


  1. love these cute claire!
    love your blog too!

    hope all is well!

  2. i love this list. and the part about restoring a house. me too! being creative with what you have. that is amazing to me