I saw the harvest moon. It was so large and so unexpected it frightened me a little. I called my mom and had her get out of bed to see it for herself, but from her view in the neighbor city, it was gone. I didn't know it was a harvest moon but I knew it was special so I got up early the next morning to photograph it, to have that proof. But when I woke, earlier even, there was the moon, normal as ever, it's normal large, doing it's regular routine. Research told me it was closest to the earth this year at the very moment I witnessed it.

I saw the harvest moon a few months ago and I could only write about it now because sometimes things feel so close and so significant though you may not know why. but you have to own it, save it just for yourself, if only for a while. And then put it in a place so you don't forget that in that moment, you felt both so very small and so very, very grand.


  1. It's a feeling of both awe and reverence when we witness something like the harvest moon and it whispers to our soul that there is order to our universe and that nothing is by chance.

  2. Wow this was stunning. The moon is so full of mystical wonder and so much magic. And so are your words.

    Tightrope to the Sun