Mrs. White

For the last two months I've been Mrs. White, the art teacher. It's been a wild, exhausting, fun, and at times, boring ride. I remember when I was in grade school, thinking teachers were only teachers, that thats the one and only role they served. It was always weird to see them outside of school settings, doing "normal people" things like grocery shopping. Of course that idea was just silly, but whats even sillier is how true thats been for me. Right now, I feel the only hat I can wear is being a student teacher. All other aspects of my life have been placed on the back-burner, with the flame turned way down low.  I don't like it. But it's where I'm at. Admitting that, and letting things go, is a big adult step for me.

so holla at all you teachers out there who are much more graceful with the many roles you carry than I! You rock!

*photo (with the best top-knot in claire history) was taken a few falls back by the lovely Kristina Curtis Photography


  1. hott teacher alert!
    i'm glad you've gotten to experience teaching.
    and i love this picture!


  2. It's still kinda crazy to me when my professors act like "normal" people who do normal things, haha.
    Great photo! And way to be an adult.