craving the slow life

I've been living a fast paced life the past few weeks. Juggling student teaching, my job, my roles and wife/daughter/sister/churchmember has been...tricky. Not impossible, but tricky. If there is one thing I've learned and have continued to learn this last year it's that the fast paced life doesn't suit me. I'm not good at letting things go, and I think that's part of the trick of a busy life: you can't give 100% to everything, you HAVE to let some things go. I'm much better owning only a few roles and titles, wearing one hat at a time, and compartmentalizing "school time" "teacher time" "manager time" "family time". But this last week I tried to do it all and I thought I was doing a pretty good job until it all caught up with me Saturday night. I spent yesterday in bed with a cold/flu (slept a solid 12 hours!!) and kankles (due to a hilariously bad reaction to several mystery insect bites. your welcome for excluding photos) my teacher sent me home almost as soon as she saw me. I looked that bad. Not to mention I felt a bit attacked this week by social media and asked myself the "remind me why I'm doing this?!" question about FB, instagram, and even this blog. My immune and spirits have gone through the wringer! I want to call quits but I have to remind myself how temporary this all is. All of it as in ALL of it. but also this silly virus, my fat ankles, student teaching, and hats stacked a miles high. this too shall pass. right? right.


  1. Social media can be frustrating and hurtful and all sorts of horrible things. And if you ever decided to just stop I wouldn't blame you.

    But I would miss your words and your work and the way you inspire. I hope people are kinder to you.

    1. Thank you for saying that. It's complicated how the same thing (social media) can do so much good while simultaneously being a platform for so much hurt. But all the more reason to try and be a part of the good right?

  2. Dear Claire,

    I feel like you took these words right out of my mouth. I am so of being so busy with teaching and trying to live my life. Lots is falling through the cracks, but I'm hoping that you are right and it will eventually pass. I love you. If you need a day of watching movies in sweatpants and eating junk food you just let me know. Love!