Back To School

We started school this past week. He's off to finish college (we might end up with twinner degrees!) and I'm kicking it old school at elementary. I decided to become a teacher after getting my BFA for a lot of reasons (a post for another time) but none of those reasons were because it's my dream job. cause it isn't. And with every education class I was required to take, my desire to teach became smaller and smaller.

I wasn't sure I'd love it. I wasn't even sure I'd like it. But I feel accomplished. By 3pm I'm exhausted, hungry, and need to pee soo bad (teachers: how the heck do you handle this?). And even though I've only met my students once (I teach 9 classes at most a day, but only get my students once a week) the kids all remember my name when I see them in the hall "Mrs. White!! Mrs. White!!"

I don't think my name has ever sounded so great :)


  1. That is a flawless picture of you. Good luck to both of you in school! You will both be great!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. ahh don't you just love that?! i absolutely love working with kids. there is just nothing like it.
    also, i want your hair! like seriously, dying over here!

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