this corner

We've officially lived in our house, "the cottage", for 1 year. We've been making it our home VERY VERY slowly which isn't my preferred way of doing things. I'm a fast person. I was the fastest girl in the third grade! Okay, fine, second fastest. But the point is, I like to do things fast. But this nesting project has proved to be slow if it's going to be successful. You don't just chance upon all your dream decor and furniture in a moment, and in your price range. We want items in our home that we'll truly treasure, and that have significance. This corner on our mantle might be the one place that's got it all together.

Top to bottom, left to right:
-Our very first purchased original work of art by a former professor, Fidalis Buehler (we hope this to be the first of a very large collection of original works).
-Yet another granny embroidery (I have a thing for flowers).
-A wine stopper with a "W" engraved on it (cause Whites...duh).
-And a photograph found thrifting during our dating days of a WWII soldier camp. At the bottom of the photograph it reads "restricted", which instantly made it mysterious and special.
-And barely captured on the right is the side of the silliest bird sculpture that Brandon inherited and has convinced me is worth a fortune ;)

How do you go about finding just the right things for your home? Any nesting tips?


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