the great outdoors

I've had a lot of time indoors this last week to day dream about the outdoors. The way far-out outdoors. Italy to be precise. And why must Italy and pictures of it and the internet exist if only to taunt me whilst I sit in my bathrobe? It's just plain rude you see. While we were dating, Brando promised me Italy during a mushy gushy romantic moment that was followed by mad kissing. I'm holding him to it. But Italy is a 5 year dream (or maybe 50). And I'm too impatient for those right now. I need 5 day and 5 week dreams. So I'm back to day dreaming about the outdoors, only the near-outdoors.

Camping is pretty great. And when I haven't recently been thinking about Italy, camping is the greatest! It's a practically free, no make-up, show you who your real friends are, one with mother nature, always an adventure, kind-of-vacation. Our downstairs neighbors went camping this last weekend and had the nerve not to invite us! (Though can I blame them? with my body being what it is as of late? heal body, heal!!) So I made them promise we'll go soon.

Favorite camping spots in the Utah locale?