For Valentines, we got a few cacti and succulents, our own little "love ferns" if you will. Only they are the kind of plant you hardly have to pay attention to AKA my kind of plant! (not the best metaphor for marriage though...). I'm going to try my hand at gardening soon, but it's nice to start out with little succulents to boost my confidence. Since these, we have purchased a mysterious large leafy thing that I just adore, I just about every time I go to smiths I want to bring home a little growing something! Grocery stores should stick to groceries, lest I spend all my ice-cream money on plants!)

I'm still holding out for a fiddle-leaf-fig for our living room. Plants indoors just make me all kinds of happy!


  1. I was thinking the same thing about our little succulent cousins. :)

  2. Growing, living things makes a space seem fresher and airy. Your planters are very modern and simple. Did you make them?