Understanding Blue

*performing "Understanding Blue" during my show reception, January 24, 2013

ugh! If I were to try and put into words the many feelings I have right now it'd come out a complete mess.  But I must say thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, the positive energy you sent (I felt it!), and the support from those who came and those who cheered from a distance.  I suppose that in my life, this could just be looked at as a thing I did once.  But right now it feels like so much more than that.  My life informs my work and my work informs my life.  It's taken everything from me to the point where it sometimes hurts, but it's given me everything too.

As I sat in my pew at church today, there was a moment where the clouds and smog and grey that has been so persistent this winter parted and the room filled with a big bright warm light.

That's how I feel.

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