one week ago


One week ago today, we welcomed another sister into the family.  Brandon's little brother, David, married Melanie on the coldest day in October at the LDS Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  In the hustle and bustle of preparing for the wedding, I failed to write Dave and Mel a letter full of my professional advice (insert laughs & snorts here) on marriage.  JK, I'd rather just share something my mom recently shared with me from C Jane Kendrick's "5 Loves" writings.  She pretty much nails it:

I came to realize this:  we think we go from partner to partner because there will be someone "better" for us. In reality, no one is better for us, we just get better for ourselves.

And this: relationships work when we sacrifice negative beliefs about ourselves, and in that process we become the best thing that's ever happened to anyone.

And this: a successful marriage is about two people engaged and dedicated to overcoming selfishness--for the rest of their lives.

ditto in all seriousness. 

love you david & mel!