a quick pic


Brandon and I will likely be spending halloween not dressed up.  I'm not a hum-bug about costumes (actually I quite fancy them).  But if I'm going to do it, I want to do it right, and I just didn't have the time this year to put something great together.  Also, Brandon has yet to agree on a couples costume with me...I'm working on slowly breaking him down, so you can expect something amazing next year. like ketchup and mustard.

I got another roll of film developed.  There are some great treasures to share, but I'm especially loving this photo. We don't look our best, but we look like us: brandon in bolo tie, not smiling (I promise he smiles when camera's aren't pointing his direction....sometimes).  And me, smiling with my mouth closed as to not encourage my baby face cheeks to protrude any more than they need to :) And bad posture.  You'd think after 12 years of classical ballet training, I would have learned to tuck that duck tail of mine in.  I sorta like the duck tail in this photo though, it makes me look a wee bit pregnant, and that thought makes me happy.

and how's that for a happy halloween post?

p.s. I just had a brilliant idea for a couples + baby costume: ketchup, mustard, and fry sauce!
p.p.s. I'm pretty sure I'm turning into that lady I hated during halloween.  The one who'd give out healthy snacks instead of sugar....yes, I'm considering handing out apples.


  1. we aren't actually doing anything either, i feel your pain. i love costumes, i actually even want to go trick-or-treating, but we just haven't had time. and we have a test, so....ya, no choice really. haha.

    either way i love this photo and i hope you have a fantastic halloween!

  2. all right Claire, are you dropping lots of hints for a reason?

  3. i love your film pictures. They are all so beautiful