wall lake

We went camping in the Uintas last weekend with some friends.  We got a late start on the hike to Wall Lake but we set up camp fast, and sat around the fire laughing until it was too windy and too late.  All 6 of us slept in a 4 man tent :)  I could have sworn I heard a bear rummaging through our food outside our tent in the middle of the night...Brandon and I didn't get much sleep.  We woke with sore backs and good spirits and a determination to come back soon, on a day not so windy, so we can jump off the cliffs into the water.

fresh air a good friends can do a lot for the soul.
hoping to fit in a few more hikes this week before school starts up again.


  1. I was just on that lake back in June or July and absolutely loved it!

  2. We love Wall Lake too! My husband has been going there for years! XO