I wish the olympics were a world-wide holiday. everything would close.  that the only places open were those that had TVs so we could watch every waking moment.  I'm a fanatic.  And I was a wee bit bummed when the opening ceremonies took place when I was in a little village in the mountains of Guatemala with zero electricity.  we got updates...but it's just not the same.

We don't own a TV, so I think after work today I'll have to run to my parents, eat their good food, and soak up the goodness that is the olympics.  My favorites events this summer?  Diving & triple jump (I was a pretty good triple jumper in high school ;)

Do you have a favorite event?  And what do we think of rhythmic gymnastics...?!

vintage olympic tee remake: gap mens // high waisted riding pantaloons: american apparel // 4th day unwashed hair: bad hygiene


  1. I'm a total stranger. No worries! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I find it interesting, hilarious, inspiring, moving, etc.

    And you also remind me a bit of Jenny Lewis? Which I consider a huge compliment. ...Sorry if you don't?

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

    Oh, and my favorite event is by far women's gymnastics. I just can't get over the fact that they can actually do that with their bodies and not just die right there.

  2. @meg bird

    I just had to call my husband into the room to show him your comment. um....I LOVE JENNY LEWIS. She's probably my go to style icon. so thank you! You pretty much just made my week. :)


  3. i really like those horse riding style pants! i don't know if i could pull them off, but you sure do! cute blog. your adventures seem so fun filled.