I had an extremely productive weekend. productive and weekend are rarely in the same sentence for me, so please excuse me while I give myself a cyber pat on the back and post about it all here. ;)

In no particular order I:

went to a blogger meet up
bonded with lovely girls and made some (what I hope to be) long lasting friendships
got an art piece accepted in a show!
*watched 5 episodes of Toddlers in Tiaras
made business cards
*threw up a lot
watched EAMES and MOOG, (we're on a documentary kick...can you guess who picked what?)
*went running for the first time since september
watched/heard my mom preform in an amazing concert
cleaned our little dwelling
saw signs of spring
felt the sun burn the part in my hair
observed a high school art class
*got no sleep
went thrifting and spent under $10 {big pats on the back}
*got way too much sleep
booked photoshoots
danced around to funky vinyls
watched KONY 2012 and joined the fight
made plans for this years "spring cleaning"
missed church because my iphone decided to "fall back" instead of "spring forward". (Did anyone else have this problem? Apparently it's an iphone bug. I find it rather hilarious.)
blogged. {lets be honest...that's kinda a big deal for me as of late}

part of me is tempted to make a little tutorial about these business cards called "twenty minute business cards under $20". cause, they were in fact made within 20 minutes and cost well under $20. But I'm pretty sure they are self explanatory, right? The key is gold paper people. Gold paper makes even the quickest, least thought out idea look...well.....golden. {pin it! I dare ya!}

********the biggest news of all is that I PASSED A KIDNEY STONE! This may not seem like a big deal but need I remind you "passing a kidney stone is more painful than childbirth" out of the mouth of my mother who has passed equal stones to children birthed. Right after I cried tears of pain, I cried tears of joy. I've had this kidney stone since before thanksgiving (that's more than half a pregnancy people....). It's bothered me EVER DAY. I didn't realize how debilitating it was until the very moment I passed it, in the middle of watching an episode of Toddlers in Tiaras. (Thank heavens for that show, it's so bad I can't look away...perfect for distracting me from pain.) I have kidney stones. "It's like my thing." I try not to blog about how annoying it is cause there would be a post about it every other day. But you best believe I'll post about it when I pass one! It's like a major celebration over here :) seriously, tears of joy. Everything seems better knowing that annoying foreign object is no longer lingering in my urinary tract. TMI? be grateful I'm not sharing photos.


  1. One thousand kudos to you for passing a kidney stone!! Wowza. I love the business cards.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! On not only the art piece but passing that kidney stone. :D

  3. I get kidney stones all the time! they are NOT fun at all. I'm so glad you've finally passed yours! :) Congratulations on the art piece, some awesome business cards and especially on passing your kidney stone! Hope you don't get one for awhile or ever again! Love your blog! :)