I just wanted to say thanks to you all. Thank you for the sweet comments you leave when I post about my art. I'd like to say that I'm so artsy fartsy that I make art for arts sake only, that I eat sleep and breath art and that I do it for myself and no one else. But I'd be lying. I think it's safe to say that we all want our efforts and our work to mean something to someone else. Art is important to me, it's my life medium of choice. And I just wanted to thank you all for boosting my confidence when I need it most. For being such great supporters :)

In other news the husband and I feel like we are running around with our heads cut off. It's that time of the year (that seems to never go away) where things are just crazy. I've got midterms, we've both got semi-new jobs we are still adjusting to, and we've had our fair share of health dilemmas. At the end of the day we are so exhausted all we can do is watch an episode of Parks and Recreation and hit the sack! and then it's waking up way too early and starting all over again. Bleh. But I do have lots of catching up to do because somehow fun manages to sneak it's way into our mundane lives here and there :)

heres to more posting and more art!