and another self portrait....


this was an assignment for my photoshop class....is it just me or does making something "assigned" take all the fun away? For the project we had to add interpretive color & texture and portray something about ourselves (duh). Basically this was all way beyond me which is where my handsome stud of a husband comes in a saves the day! He's had less experience with photoshop than I, and he still kicks my butt. I thought it would be fun to do a 40's themed hollywood glamour shot cause lets be honest....who didn't look good back then right? I also thought it would be fun to add color to the photo like they used to with black and white photos (ya know the type, your grandma's eyes look sky blue but in real life they are all dull...) it was like oldfashioned photoshop :) oh, and I took out the texture in this version cause I prefer it that way.

It's a little tribute the the "old soul" in me. Anyway it turned out to be a pretty fun project but I wouldn't brave it again, or on my own. Seriously, Brandon, I LOVE YOUR GUTS!

Oh, and my hair may be 50's-60's and the shot may look 40's and the re-coloring may be pre 30's but hey, give me a break, I didn't live back then, I did the best my hollywood warped mind could do :) Also, my photo teacher didn't recognize it was me. He said I look "45 years old, maybe older" WHAT THE WHAT?


  1. Um, this is amazing!! You look gorgeous!! Wow!


  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! We should have a photo shoot trade off.

  3. are you for real?! you are soo so so gorgeous. this took my breath away!

  4. Did Paul like this?! 'Cause I LOVE this!

  5. you are timeless. wow.

    also, i gave you an award today on my blog. check it out


  6. That is so amazing and you are so gorgeous!! Seriously incredible.

  7. holy wow! I love it! I want one of me!! Seriously!