thoughts and things on changes and rings

I like change.
the non-bill cash kind & the simple "rearrange the furniture" kind.
I like the big change that makes you a girl one day and a wife the next.
I like a new color of polish (forest green) and a new hairdo (heidi braids).
and I like a new season, it always comes when I'm getting bored of the previous one.

and then there is the change the happens that is good but also hard.
Like getting a new job and saying goodbye to an old one.
or husband getting a new job that takes all of his time away from fixing me dinner and driving me to and from school.
and school and hard classes with real-life-hard-core-artists and trying to fit in.

and then there are decisions that need to be made that lead to change.
like graduating this april OR going another year for a higher degree OR switching majors.
pursuing a dream you have knowing you might have to get rid of another one to make it happen.
taking leaps of faith (though I tend to take baby steps) because you can weigh out the pros and cons till the cows come home and still not know what to do.

somehow a lot of the uncomfortable hard and unpredictable changes are happening right now. It's taking a lot of my mental energy to sort it all out...

oh and on rings:
my wedding ring is a few years shy of 100 years old. I don't trust myself with it at my new job so I wear a simple golden band instead. This means I'm often mistaken as single, which I hear will help me get more tips, (though my wallet would argue after tonight)...

are you married? engaged? does your ring ever leave your finger? do you have a substitute for travel or work? and for the BIG question: does your husband wear his ring?

my Brandon rarely wears his. He's just not used to it and frankly I'm not too concerned (though I'm sure he is eyed by many a girl, he wouldn't know flirt if it hit him in the face, believe me, I know :) He wears it every Sunday along with his Colonel Sanders tie and I'm satisfied.

photo taken by Mr. White at my friends wedding. More on this wedding coming...someday....


  1. I always thought it was interesting when boys don't wear their wedding rings. There are a few that I know that don't. xo, rv


  2. I wore a claddagh when I worked at a daycare. people always thought it was a promise ring though. Also, my husband never wears his and I have finally chalked it up to him just not being a ring wearing kind of guy. He does wear it on sundays, when I remind him. :)

  3. It's funny how different people are. We bought my husband's ring shortly after mine while we were engaged, and he wore it every day of our entire engagement (and still wears it every day). He was so excited about it. I have a little gold band I wear when I'm nervous about hurting my real ring, but because I switch rings every other day, I sometimes forget to even wear one.

  4. My husband only wears his ring on the weekends or when we go out during the week. He gets really dirty at work and handles a lot of tools, and doesn't want to ruin it.

    It's kind of funny because I get hit on even when I have my ring on (which is always). Guys seem to think that they can get anyone, married or not. It's really annoying to be honest. And disrespectful!

  5. I take mine off for bed and in the shower. Although mine is a promise ring its hard for me to take it off. He hardly wears his but thats because like your husband he isn't use to it and he's in the military as well so maybe that has something to do with it!