fall people

brandon loves taking photos with me. can you tell??

I think we might be fall people (as far as our wardrobe is concerned). Brandon doesn't own a pair of shorts besides his basketball shorts, which we wouldn't be caught dead in. shorts just aren't his thing. Me? I'm more of the sweatery layer type gal. That is why we love fall, we get to wear the clothes we want without being too hot. Yesterday did not feel like fall, it felt like the middle of summer, but we wore our fall clothes anyway. ((hint hint fall! we're ready for you!!!!))

and this is about as fashion post as we get over here. (remember this sad attempt?! what a bust. And when I say bust I mean I busted out laughing when I looked at it again. We won't bore you with clothes....often. But incase you are curious, both tops are from Gap. (I'm an GAP INC. employee.....i'm almost always in gap.) My pants are Anthropologie via DownEast Outfitters (which means I got them for about 1/4 the price), and shoes are Franko Sarto via TJmaxx (again....fraction of the price).

and want to know a little something funny about my mr? rarely does he get an item of clothing that he just "lets be". He "Brandon-izes" everything! whether it's too light of denim (like this shirt) so he dyes it, doesn't like a pocket so he takes it off, adds a little something here or there, has me take it in or let it out, almost everything he owns he customizes!! I think it's wonderful :) and even though about 50% of the time I think it's not a good idea, it always turns out looking SOOOO much better. oh, and it's not limited to clothing! Wait till you see his guitar transformation! I think he should open up shop: "brandon's customized stuff! Bring it in drab, take it out fab!"

gee...that was corny. ...

what is your favorite season to dress for?


  1. Hahaha. That's so cute. I love dressing for Fall. It's so much fun. xo, rv


  2. you guys are cute. tanner customizes everything too! and i also always think its a bad idea, but it almost always looks better.

    oh, and at this time of the year, i think fall fashion sounds great. but come spring, i will think summer fashion is the best. the grass is always greener i guess.