Rosie the Riveter

you should have heard B's and my conversation before this shoot.

"what if someone sees me?"

"it's not vain if its for fashion right?"

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

okay so it wasn't a conversation. I said all that stuff and Brandon rolled his eyes as he took my camera, prepping to document my wardrobe. I never thought I'd be one of those bloggers: the fashionable, if you will. There is nothing wrong with them, I just didn't think I would be one. BUT Truth is I like clothes. Truth is, I like creating outfits. Truth is, fashion is and always has been a part of me {not high fashion and big names, but wardrobing.in.general}. I like clothes. They are yet another means of expression. It's like wearing art.

I have a closet full of sewing projects, thrifty finds, mendings and up-cycles that have been tempting me to make this move. This move being: wardrobe posts. I'm going to test drive it out for a while and see how it feels. Your input is very much appreciated. {as always}

*this outfit happened miraculously this morning when I woke up late for work and had to be out the door in 15 minutes earlier. Jeans for comfort, loose blouse {as to not show my tacos from running around frantically), flats for the next 5 hours of being on my feet, hair scarf because my bangs were greasy and I didn't have time to shower.

The outfit of a working girl.

jeans: BR, blouse: GAP, shoes & scarf Jcrew {via DownEast Outfitters}

happy weekend!

p.s. give-away coming atcha next week!
p.p.s. 1 week till our 1 year anniversary!!

{I have a feeling next week is going to be just plain wonderful!}


  1. Love it. LOVE blogs featuring cute outfits.
    Especially outfits that aren't comprised of expensive items. I mean, those are fun, but I love seeing a cute outfit on my kind of budget. Know what I'm sayin?

  2. adorable. i sure wish waking up late made me look equally cute.

  3. thank you soo much!
    and im obsessed with this outfit.
    sooooo cute!
    your pics are awesome too. what city are you in?