a very happy un-birthday

It was Brandon's birthday a few weeks ago (July 7th). And it was a very un-birthday day. I won't go into the details that made this birthday so NOT birthday-ish. But just imagine all the things a birthday should be. Now, imagine all those things not happening, and instead, the opposite. That was his birthday.

So I've been trying to make up for a lack of big hoorah by extending his birthday as long as humanly possible (and I'm getting creative on account of low funds).

July 8th "I'll pack your suitcase. Birthday boys shouldn't have to do that."
July 10th "I got ice-cream at the grocery store, ya know, for your birthday"
July 11th "7-11 is giving away free slurpees today cause it's your birthday"
July 14th "I'll do the dishes. After all, it's your birthday"
July 16th "I love you extra today, cause it's your birthday"
July 18th "I failed my test cause I was so excited for your birthday"
July 20th "good morning, I mean good birthday, I mean HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
July 21st "I guess we can watch that...it is your birthday...."
July 24th "all those fireworks are in honor of your birthday!" (pioneer day)

Sad thing about belated birthday celebrations is they can never make up for an actual day of birth. Next year will be different. Next year we will have family and friends to celebrate with! We will hopefully have $ for a decent gift. THERE WILL BE CAKE! Maybe even a pinata. And all festivities will take place on July 7, 2012.

oh, and you are all invited :)