a little reorganizing does me much good.
I like proving to myself that although we only have one true corner in our cupboard (hard to process but true) that I can still make our little space functional and lovely.

Sometimes I dream of apartments with two rooms and several corners, but then I wake up to sunlight streaming into our space through our big window and I think: I could stay here forever.


on a completely different note:
I've decided It's time to part with miss rosie. I've had her for 3 years and haven't given her the loving she deserves. mostly she just sits looking pretty on account of 1. i don't even play guitar and 2. pink isn't B's color. She's quite the thing though: lovely to look at and lovely to hear. She's {almost} mint (see tiny nick on right tip of head stalk). Besides that, she hasn't had much playing at all. She comes with a gig bag (soft case). Brandon has replaced the strings and will tune it to perfection for whomever decides to adopt this lovely music maker. If you decide to give her a loving home, you must promise to call her by her given name: rosie. jk but really, it would confuse her if you called her something like "bluesy" or "green machine". after all, she is pink.

pink acoustic Fender
pick up only (i'm in Provo, Utah)
contact me with inquiries/if you'd like to arrange a time to try her out in person.

I've shared her on facebook and have received some interest. I will sell first come first serve.

p.s. sorry for the saturated/blurry pics, I only thought to put rosie up last second.
p.p.s. how about that chair? it was my x-mas present to B. besides the bed and toilette its the comfiest (and only) seat in the house.
p.p.p.s. even if you aren't interested in Rosie, you should come visit anyway. I promise I won't make you sit on the toilette.
p.p.p.p.s. I like spelling toilet "toilette". thanks B.