thanks to Judy Bloom, I've been trying to shake the habit of starting my prayers out
"Are you there God? It's me, Claire" since my pre-teens.
I know he's there, boy do I know he's there. I guess I use it as a warning of sorts

I'd like to think in most relationships I'm a pretty decent listener. But in prayer: I'm a conversation hog. It's one thought, thing {complaint} after another and usually {hopefully} I'll recognize my fault, slow down, and listen. But sometime, like tonight, the tears were just too strong and I needed the outlet. So God waited, because he is the epitome of patience, and when I'd said every last possibly thing my tired mind could think of, he spoke.

he said I was being silly.
and he was right.

He reminded me that when my life was slow I was bored. That I crave productivity so why was I complaining. He pointed out that the 4 hours of weeding my garden was 4 hours spent with my husband. That the hard work would pay off. He reminded me how much I love my job, that photography is an outlet, a moment of control, and an ability I'll forever be grateful for. That my busy day tomorrow that I've been dreading is just one blessing after another: money earned from hard work, classes to teach me to better do what I love, time spent with family celebrating a graduation. He reminded me how lucky I am.

And I'd be silly to forget it.

and then it was my turn again.
and all I could think to say was thank You.

thank You
thank You
thank You