I'm back, though I didn't really go anywhere. B did. He left me alone ALL weekend. :( he took a last minute visit to see his Grandma Judy in nevada. him being gone put me in a funk of sorts {so desperately, pathetically needy: i know}. I spent the weekend at my parents eating my sisters baked good, seeing Les Mis with my other sissys and mom, and falling down the stairs. How do you limp when both feet hurt? anyway, B's home now so I can get back to being my cheery blogging self.

and he came back with presents!!
{like only good husbands do when they leave you for 4 days}
3 new vintage cameras to add to our growing collection
+ a CD of the most gorgeous old family photos!
oh what's that?
you'd like to see some?
I thought you'd never ask :)

here is grandma judy.
i love her very much

why don't nurses dress like this now?!

her bridal shower

so pretty

my absolute favorite photo ever.
and DARE told me smoking wasn't cool....

hoping you all had a lovely extra long weekend!


p.s. smoking is not cool. but if you are going to do it I hope you do it in style like grandma judy used to.

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