the following was a final project for my 2D class a few semesters back. I originally had this huge super long and boring artist statement that explains the work in depth, but it might have been the wordiest post ever so I decided to not include it. Instead I've condensed it to a blog friendly size. It may be a little vague (I'm not good with using little words to describe things), but hopefully you'll get it. If you'd like to, go ahead and skip all the wordy stuff and scroll down to the good stuff! I promise I won't judge you one bit (nor will I know).

I don't consider my life to be picture perfect, though it is easy to portray ones life in that way when it is confined to just that: a photo. Rather than contrive a life I'd like to have, I'm learning to let go of that need for control and accept things as they are. I'm learning that life is a process of imperfections. a lesson of little control. an experiment of trial and error and a whole lot of trust. this work embodies a therapy of sorts for me. a challenge to embrace the unorganized chaos and reality that make up my life.

also! a super huge thanks to Trish for helping me crop sizes and for motivation!! you are awesome!!!
she really is all sorts of amazing: check out her awesomeness here!)


  1. hey claire! i love this project you did. so beautiful.

  2. Claire!! I LOVE these! I have been hoping they would pop up on your blog one day... I just love looking at them! You inspire me! :)

  3. What lovely, lovely photographs.

  4. it's so true what was said about a photo just being a snapshot which can give an impression of what a whole life is like, I love how you have shown that a person's life is so much more than that. that it is the imperfections that make it.

  5. very interesting (and great) photos!

  6. I just stumbled across your lovely blog. Your husband and I went to high school together, and are related/cousin in some round about way!

    You are so amazingly talented! I love your photography, and style.

    I was wondering where you found that beautiful white cabinet with the glass doors? I LOVE everything about it, and have been on the hunt for one for over two years!

    Anyway this comment is far to long now. I look forward to hearing back from you and reading your blog from now on, I hope that's okay.

    Have a beautiful day!

    -Rebecca Lender