facts and confessions

I gave up the gym pass,
sidewalks are free.

I have a love hate relationship with running.
I reward myself with mountain west burritos and cute workout clothes.
I swear they make me run faster.

I'm not very good at stained glass
it's ok. {my mom still helps me with my homework.}

I'm going to school.
and it's summer time.
and it kinda hurts my heart a little.

I'm learning about guitars.
next to B, a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop might be the sexiest thing on earth.

brandon wants a new guitar
but he wants one that looks like it should be on The Wiggles.

one time I accidently watched The Wiggles on tv.
I thought it was just a few minutes but it was a whole episode. maybe two.
it was scary.

I miss Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow, and Cookie Monster.
{poor kids being tricked into thinking vegetables are fun}

I'm the worst speller. don't believe me?
brandon had to help me spell vegetables.

he just asked me what I would do without him.
good question.

k-12 my mom made me a sack lunch.
she makes a mean PB&J.

things like this make me smile.

there should be an SNL best of Kristen Wiig.
I want to be her when I grow up.

I did a shoot for Bajio.
{I should say "we" since B did 1/2 or more of the work. Who knew he was so good with cameras?}
you better believe we stuffed our faces afterwards.

I LOVED all your music recommendations!
they might all be new favorites.

I never learned the states in elementary school.
don't worry, I have a placemat that quizzes me breakfast lunch and dinner.

I have a nomadic soul.
and it's feeling rather confined as of late.

winning this unbelievable giveaway might just fix that.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I hope you win
    2. l like helping with your homework!
    3. Making you a pb&j warms my heart.
    4. I miss Mr. Rogers too.
    5. Brandon...a renaissance man!