oh dear

I'm not sure how many of you fell victim to the blog issues these past couple of days, but it was no fun.
no fun indeed.
of course blogger would go nuts in the middle of my

unfortunately all comments were deleted :(
for those of you who e-mailed me about comment issues or who had previously commented: please re-comment! and for those of you who didn't comment: what were you thinking?! we are talking $free.99 photo shoot. i mean seriously...

due to all blog related complications, (and to the fact that I am taking a little vacation next week) the giveaway has been extended! You now have until sunday evening, may 22nd to enter.

in other news I had a much deserved girls day out shopping with my sis, my mom, and my bestie :) I'm not sure what entitles me to a shopping day, except that I am a girl, and a girl needs to shop. right? right. also, unrelated, i have a new found (or just stronger) obsession with lipstick. i like it a lot, but only the cheap kind. the kind you can get at rite aid and know you are going to like it cause some other customer broke into one already. the kind that taste like what you think lipstick would taste like. yeah, that kind.

sporting some spoils from the day including hat for aforementioned vacation, new cheap-o lipstick, greasy parting of the red sea bangs (note: forehead wrinkle) and my new favorite sweater (under $10 & has sparkly thread. sparkly thread people!!)

hope you are loving this beautiful sunny friday!


p.s. i just remembered this post from forever ago, i guess this obsession with lipstick is nothing new. only difference then and now is then i thought i had some potential as a fashion blogger and now I do the service of sparing you my silly make-up advice. also, then i was buying mac {ya know, the good stuff} , and now i'm a rite-aid-regular. oh how i've grown ;)