13 {really legit} reasons you need
senior photos NOW

1. after 12 years of embarrassing school photos you deserve one that captures the real you
2. your mom has been nagging you to get them done all year
3. be honest, your facebook profile pic could use some updating
4. you've accomplished big things by golly! it's time you got recognized!
5. you get to hang out with me :)
6. your grandma wants them (to add to her shrine of you)
7. Brandon will beat you up if you don't
8. the weather is ideal for photo taking!
9. I suffer from the tri-fecta: newly-wed, starving, college (art) student.
aka: help a sister out?!
10. your mom and dad will be so impressed with your pro-active-ness
(no doubt resulting in bigger and better grad gifts)
11. your gf/bf wants to show you off
12. my camera, Hank, is dying for a date
13. it's only $75 for crying out loud!!!

okay...so Brandon won't beat you up, and maybe #5 isn't that cool but the rest are really legit!

so really, what are you waiting for?

claire white

and for your chance to win a free senior photo shoot click here!

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