i don't get it

too many people were up in the middle of the night last night, me included. but i was being cinderella, scrubbing garbage cans (the glory of spring cleaning) and most everyone else was watching a real live princess begin her life as "happily ever after"

the royal wedding.

ok before you stone me and march me to the stalks let me remind you what century it is...

didn't we get over the whole "blood line" thing ages ago?? i mean really? someone way back in the day dubbed themselves king and thereafter all their offspring got the title too? doesn't it seem silly? not to mention, this wedding is costing
"at least 60 million" ?!?!

{and where exactly is all this money coming from!? hmph!}
that money could SOLVE WORLD HUNGER for crying out loud!!!

that being said her dress is gorgeous.
and i did Wikipedia her a while back (I don't read the news. I shamefully Wikipedia) and it said some pretty cool stuff about her and humanitarian service but when i went back to Wikipedia today so i could accurately repeat all those frilly things, her bio was replaced with a bunch of fluff all centered around this wedding, since that's all we need to know about her life now right?

i suppose i am happy for them, after all, marriage is a wonderful thing.
but if they are to be king and queen i'm expecting big things from them!
like solving world hunger.

happy friday!
as queen of this blog i command you to relax and take a royal nap :)

the queen

p.s. here's a photo to sweeten this post:

{it's the only semi-fitting photo i have: documentation of the royal family's contribution to my antique tin collection.}


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who "doesn't get" all the hype over the royal wedding!


  2. Total agreement. The British do seem to love the tradition. I, too, was miffed at the amount the wedding was costing, and that the modern couple did not limit it. But, then, maybe they did and this was the whittled down version. And then we cannot overlook the ridiculous spending in our own fair country. Someone somewhere is saying yes to the budget. But, then, i rant...

    Happy Friday and spring cleaning! I would feel better about the cleaning part if the weather would do better on the spring part.

    The Queen Mother

  3. oh ha ha HARSH
    but I liked this. though I do get it and I'm pretty sure that the money would not solve the world hunger and it's coming from tourists/rights to air the thing. also I'm thinking the security for the whole thing cost a lot too. but again I do agree with you, and the only thing really interesting about the wedding was her dress

  4. Thank heavens there are other normal people on this planet Earth! The hype is unnecessary.

    Oh, and, you're lovely.

    That's all.