it's here!

remember when B and I started our 42 day challenge?
yes, it was some 75 days ago....

well we finally did it! We made our goals into habits and have rightly rewarded ourselves :)
how did 42 days turn into 75? easy: our goals were hard. especially mine. Brandon has more will power than I do and latched onto his easily. I, on the other hand, avoided my goal. Like many things in this big ol' world, my goal frightened me. It required me to step outside my little comfort zone. It required me to trust people, some I know nothing about. It required me to be brave. It required to to ask for help. But I did it! And although it took a lot from me emotionally, physically, and even spiritually, it's like a big weight has been lifted. A weight that has been lingering around far too long.

it's as though i'd lost some of my muchness
and now it's found again.

hopefully that "muchness" will show through my blogging again :)

(i could just eat him up)

we opened up Mr. Crosley at B's parents and it felt a little like christmas morning.
B's face was all a glow and I'm sure mine joined in soon after I heard my first ever record playing. Do I sound like a total cheeseball by saying it was magical? well it was. and i'm hooked. Mom white was laughing about how excited they were when tapes and CD's took the place of records.

guess we naturally live in circles.
always coming back around.

hope you all have a lovely friday :)


p.s. thank you all for your advice and well wishes in sleep! I'm going to try every idea until I find something that works :)

p.p.s. if any of you pledged your goals (or even if you didn't) and have accomplished them let me know and I'll send you a treat! Even if your goal is long term, let me know when you've met it! I really think all goal gettings deserve rewards :)

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  1. How fun it is to achieve your goals. You definitely motivated to make goals after your post 75 days ago. I made goals to read books in 30 day periods, write my songs on paper in two week periods, and my lofty goal which was getting back into school here in Colorado a couple of months. So thanks for the inspiration.