out the door

I don't have a full length mirror.
so sometimes, when I'm a bit hesitant about what I threw on and whether it actually works, i pull out the handy dandy photobooth.

and usually by the time i've gotten a good look, it's taken so long i've got to run out the door no matter what i'm wearing.

like today.

p.s. yay for sunglasses! It's the sunniest it's been in a long time today!


  1. You picked a good outfit to have to run out the door in! It looks cute!

    p.s. The word verification to allow me to leave this comment is "fockags." I don't even want to know.

  2. ha thats hilarious! I want the person's job who gets to make up all that flugfluf. see...wouldn't i be good at it?!