i like you


i like you.
like a lot.

and for many reasons.

you are a good person.
you listen to me.
even when what i'm saying is pointless.
which it often is.

and you don't judge me.
and you aren't just understanding.
you really understand me.
which is crazy...
cause i don't even understand me.

and you know what else?
i know God put you in my life.
he knew i needed you.
just like he knew you needed me.

and even though that's a lot of needs..
our friendship isn't needy.
it's about how much each of us can give.
and we give a lot.
and then when taking is needed,
we take.
and it works out.

and when it's been months of seeing each other,
we don't have to go through any routine awkwardness.
just right back to normal.
like we are at the ranch.
laughing cause our first kiss was with the same guy.
and talking our mouths off
and peeing our pants.

and i happen to think that is pretty cool.

and i think you are kinda really funny.
and i like playing PL with you.
and doing big eventful worthwhile things.
and also the little worthwhile things.
like just sitting.
and talking.
and remembering.
and dreaming.


like i said,
i like you a lot.


  1. oh claire bear i like you too...alot. i am so glad we have each other. And i'm glad you like me too despite all the reasons you could find to not like me. And you're right i need you. Thank you for needing me back!

    Love you more than you know...and yes i am crying while i type this :)

  2. i'm glad you like treg as much as i like treg.

    Treg i like you too :)

  3. I like the both of you. Very much. (word ver. PARMIT as in varmint but when your mouth is numb from the dentist!)