{there are 16 claires. I had no clue my photobooth could do that!}

its THAT TIME of the year again!

no not the time where people put up twinkle lights, drink hot chocolate, and spread holiday cheer.

no no no, that time doesn't officially come until I FINISH FINALS!

final....that word can either be really good or really...not so good.
for example:

"I'm finally done with this semester!"
"is that C+ really my final grade?!"

Luckily (or maybe not...i haven't totally decided yet) my finals this year consist of mostly projects....

-sewing the last stitches on my little girls dress for my intermediate sewing class
-finishing a drawing of the most boring still life imaginable
-and a photo project that is very (VERY) different from anything I've done yet!

and of course oodles of papers, essays, and a few tests....


Good thing I wore glasses today....

{is it just me or do glasses really make you smarter?!}

P.S. B and I get our tree tonight! We are going with our favorite sorensens. there will surely be photos posted soon. :)

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  1. Ah It's the most wonderful time of the year (finals are almost through)!!
    And it's a good thing too... because David and I wanna have you guys over for dinner & "Jingle All The Way"

    Text me, woman.