yesterday's news

what's white and black and read all over?

On my typical struggling walk home from school Monday afternoon, a guy snapped a photo of me. At first I thought he was some creep....after all, I was walking down what is nicknamed "rape hill". Turns out he works for the Daily Herald and was doing something on the weather. He asked my name, year in school, and what kind of coat I was wearing. I replied "Claire White, Junior, thrifted antique find." When I asked him if it would end up in the paper he said "maybe".

turns out it made the FRONT PAGE of tuesdays news!

I had family and friends text me during the day but it wasn't till that night I finally saw the pic online and not until today that I saw the hard copy

caption: Claire White, a senior at BYU, bundles up with a warm coat and boots as she leaves campus on Monday in Provo.

it looks somewhat "the satorialist" dontcha think?!
and yes my eyes are totally closed. oh...and i'm not a senior.

besides that I really love this photo. It's not necessarily flattering but I love it because it captured "every day claire" not "posed claire". This is what I look like 50% of the time these days.

Head to toe
hair: recycled from the day before
coat: oversized beauty found at antique store $20
blender bottle: the protein shake B makes me every morning for school
phone call: the daily chat with me mum
newspaper, sewing bag, art works, homemade art tote: projects projects projects
favorite jeans
boots (ALWAYS boots)

I'm not going to pretend that I didn't feel cool.
Cause I totally did :)
but now I'm just yesterday's news..

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  1. that's pretty neat! i probably would've been doing the same thing... daily phone call with my on my walk home from school.