this is art: COLOR STUDY

we were challenged to find color combo inspiration from anywhere. we chose some we liked, didn't like, and had to randomly choose from a pupil's color studies.

My results:

My prized kitchen aid/mixing bowls

prized vintage scarf #1

prized vintage scarf #2

random pupils color study (came from a photograph she had found)

print/story of my life
(I had chosen this as the color combo I didn't like. however, when I was finished with it I did!)

and the finished big project:

(I got docked big time on this one. Newspapers background was pushing it or something...)

*it was fun to see the classes take on the assignment; how we all get told the same instructions but the results were drastically different. Mine was the least collage like. And I'm pretty sure I spent 10x more time on it than anyone else (although....It was during my bed-ridden days so that might explain it).

MEDIUM: paint chips from home depot, glue, newspaper.


  1. I LOVE it. What class is this for? The KitchenAid one is my favorite. And the second scarf.

  2. Love it! The scarf is so cute too. You're so creative! I don't think you remember me, but next time I see you on campus I'm going to reintroduce myself ok? Because you are way too cute to not say hi to.

  3. I think the newspaper was daring AND ingenious. I think YOU are daring and ingenious. And I'm not saying that just because I'm your mother. Well, maybe a tad bit. I also adore the college/motto. Let's all be forever students, I say!