lets talk about it.

So sleep and I haven't always been the best of friends. I was that kid who couldn't fall asleep because she was worried about volcanoes and orphans. Now I'm that "adult" (if you will..) who worries about more practical and relative things. Like weddings, and kidney stones. Funny thing is...now I can barely stay awake.

apparently this surgery I had gave my kidney quite the beating.
apparently this takes some serious recovery time.
apparently that kidney stone wasn't being very thoughtful about timing.


I'm tired of being dizzy
I'm tired of being nauseous
I'm tired of being totally winded from walking up the stairs.
I'm tired of being tired (for crying out loud!)

I want to be a "blushing" bride.
not a "flushing" bride.


but ya know what?

I shouldn't be complaining.

If there is one thing I've learned from this whole experience it is that I am LOVED.
which I sorta thought I already knew.

But I was wrong.
I had no idea I was loved so much. And surrounded by so many great people.
{Guess God thought I could use a good reminder.}

This wedding,
is out of my hands.

{luckily my wonderful mother and martha-stewart-of-an-aunt-only-better are doing everything for me. including cleaning my bathroom. while I sleep. for hours and hours. it's really weird.}

I hate feeling helpless.
but I love feeling loved :)

thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!!

I WILL be a blushing bride!

I Will...

i think...

i hope...

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