my glory days.

I've been more coherent lately and shared this story with my mother who thought it was hilarious. So I'm sharing it with you (in hopes to make up for my totally downer post yesterday. optimism! optimism!!)

Let me give you some background:
{or just cut to the good part, labeled "THE GOOD PART"} hhehe

So one of the major problems with my whole princess and the pea episode (aka: kidney stone) is that I have extremely low pain tolerance. I'm a wimp. I try not to be but it was just the way I was made: fragile. So taking my pain meds was vital. If I missed the time by a few minutes the pain would surface, I'd get nauseated and wouldn't be able to keep the pills down. And the wicked cycle would begin until it resulted in one of many ER visits to stabilize me.

Basically the toilet bowl and I became very VERY close.

Brandon would come visit me and stay with me for hours (bless his heart) while I barked orders or moaned or cried or (unfortunately) threw up.

On one particular occasion (this is the good part) I was throwing up. And it wasn't pretty. Brandon was in the bathroom with me trying to help. Really there isn't much one can do...but in-between gasps of breath I managed to asked him to grab a headband from my room so I could keep my already disastrous hair out of youknowwhat. He ran back with his hands full of a dozen headbands and...

my prom queen crown.

laughing and throwing-up don't make for a pretty duet.
I'll tell you what...

But it made me smile (something I wasn't doing much of)
and I loved him for it :)

He managed to make me feel like a princess,
complete with her royal thrown!

And after all of my insides came up, he told me I was pretty.

Oh what a husband he'll be!!

the crown
{which i have to say was only out in the open from all this "moving". It's not something I display. and it's all bent now and lost it's plastic diamonds.}

and while I'm at it:
which I proudly wore to 3 proms (I loved it that much) and had one friend get married in it. My mom did amazing alterations (sleeves and hours of beading) cause she loves me that much :)

If you want an idea of what my wedding dress looks like than think of the exact opposite of this dress. No frills. No lace. No beads. ABSOLUTELY NO POOF. Unlike my prom dress it is extremely simple. Comfortable. and totally me :)

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