I'm Alive

{My best friend just got back from London and brought me this print. Couldn't think of a better motto for myself right now. It's amazing what good friendship can do to the spirit. I feel loads better already :)}

I'll be back soon and re-cap my whole "Princess and the Pea" episode. But now, I'm going to finish the bridesmaids headbands and watch a movie with Kaitlyn :)



  1. ahhh! i miss you guys! just pretend that i am there watching a movie with you too :) so glad you are still alive

  2. such a special night. Worse movie ever. but best friend in the world! haha not to mention i learned many a skill of the headband trade. and Lauren oh lauren! we did pretend that you were there! with our every hope, wish, and dream you were there! If only we could all snuggle right now and have a good talk. oh if only!!!