It's mid morning...
I should be in bed.
at my apartment.
getting fully rested for the last final of the semester.

but a series of events led me to my parents home.
to my mother's bed.
where we talked for hours
of how much I love Brandon
and how blessed our lives are
and how much good there is in this world of ours.

I love my mother.
She's is one of my best friends
always has been
the most amazing lady I know.

and i'm learning to be like her.
trying to be like her.
watching her always.

she's wonderful.
so here I am, in the middle of finals and all other sorts of stress and all I can focus on is the love for my family and best friends. and this great lump in my throat dying to let out happy tears. writing in this journal-of-a-blog with horrid grammar.

just because I can.
just because I have the need to.
just because.

now let me find a pretty picture for you so if none of the above makes any sense (which by the way, it doesn't need to) at least you'll have a pretty photo to look at...

ahah! there we are!

good morning friends :)

*image from the ranch.
see more here.


  1. Love you.
    Love your mother.
    Love the ranch.

  2. that picture makes me feel like at any moment Mr. Darcy is going to come walking through the fog. . .

  3. I love your blog!! It is awesome!almost as awesome as you are!
    Congrats on your engagement! You deserve the very best!!!!