I know what you are going to say...

you just knew I couldn't last a few days with out blogging.

And it's the truth.

but I just had to come back.
you see...

Not blogging is detrimental to my health.
Not blogging gave me a cold!

{ok so maybe it was the last minute school projects, procrastinated papers, late night studying, early morning stress, photoshoot editing, work, gosh darn COLD WEATHER, and realizing that i'm probably waaaaaaaaay behind on my wedding plans}

But still, blogging could have cured that right?

Just in case this post doesn't cure me of all ailments, I have a backup plan, it's called


+ the routine Air Born (are you guys believers in this stuff?) chicken noodle soup (from the box, not nearly as good as my mother's homemade, but it'll do) A favorite movie (that i'm hoping to fall asleep to) and living off Brandon's kisses.

{he surprise visited me earlier today...and it sent me to heaven. Until I had to leave for the dentist and then work....bleh. But still...his kisses are just heavenly.}

{totally rad vintage thermos my mom got me. Can't remember where. Ebay perhaps? no doubt somewhere neat and thrifty! It belonged to Sandra Allred (written in sharpie). Sandra, thanks for not wanting this anymore so that it could help me feel better!!}

Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy!
{and not letting finals get to them too much}

nighty night!
xoxo kitty


  1. so...i wish that i was as precious as you are when i'm sick. feel better, friend.

  2. No need to frett!
    The sun is shining, it's a good day!