I couldn't resist

the ONLY way to get me to motivated to study is to give myself rewards.

But since B and I are being all healthy smealthy and I can't reward myself with sourpatch kids, I decided to
*reward my hard studying*
by editing a few shots from last saturdays engagement session! Probably the best part of the shoot was driving down center street and spotting:

the first lemonade stand of the season!
{in case you forgot...i've been a big believer in lemonade stands in the past}

But never before have a seen such a lemonade stand as this:

Proud owner: Zach.
a whopping 6 years old.

not only is this little kid full of life, but he seems to have it pretty well figured out.
Whilst my lemonade stand was selfishly trying to raise money for me, Zach was raising money to buy a wheelchair for charity. And guess what?! he did it! and then some!

He's got all the charisma for a successful business man and and I wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.

but mostly I want to thank him, for his example to simply serve.

can you even imagine what great parents he has?! I hope B and I can be like them, raise our kids to be happy helpful people. I also hope to be able to bake cookies as good as Zach's mom! I couldn't stop eating them {shh...don't tell B I cheated!} Also note the fact that he kept the price in cents. What's with kids these days selling lemonade for a buck?! nuts!

well I hope Zach has brightened and inspired your day just a little. He certainly has mine! Now back to my selfish studies {see what school does to me?!}

*I've heard he's now raising money for college!? gosh...if only i'd started in the Lemonade stand business sooner....


  1. Love it! I think you ought to reward your hard study every hour. I'm not sure how, but you should!! Mommy loves you!

  2. haha did you see my most recent posts? i posted about Zack as well! haha, he is my co-workers soon..so adorable! glad you got to meet him!!

  3. Chyeah! Check out his lemonade stand! It's all... pimped. haha Sounds like an entrepreneur in the making.

  4. ok, that is a seriously LEGIT lemonade stand.
    I mean really, the most my lemonade stand had was a cardboard hand-written sign.