some days

Some days
I don't like how I look.
(*note, I did not say HATE)
It's not that I think I look ugly or fat or anything.
Sometimes I just don't feel like I look like I feel.
does that make sense?

Some days I don't think I look like myself.
I don't look "Claire".
I look like someone trying to be me.
and doing a poor job of it.

even the combination of makeup, hairspray, and the perfectly coordinated outfit cannot remedy it.

Then some days I feel like I look just like I feel I should look.
without any work.
and I don't wear mascara.
and my bangs fall perfectly on my face.
and I feel "real" and "fresh".
like the way God made me.

two kinds of days.
two kinds of looks.

Today, unfortunately, is the former.


  1. I saw you today,
    And you were BEAUTIFUL.

  2. P.S. What happened to the font on this blog? ...Or is it my computer?

  3. the font is different. i'm wishy washy. can't figure out the layout i want.

  4. Love you too!!!
    P.S. Georgia was better. It seemed more... you.

  5. Plus, courier is my burglary font, for distinguishablization purposes.
    That's a new word.