the hunt

I dream of living in a farm house on Geneva Rd.
no, not just in the early stages of marriage.
but for life.
this here is my dream home.

{The pillars. The huge front yard. The porch. The wrap-around driveway. The trees. The seclusion. The big windows + oldschool glass....*sigh*}

I find it irresistibly romantic.
silly? maybe, but I do nevertheless
and it's for rent!
woot woot we'll take it!

oh wait?
what was the price?!
an arm and a leg?!

I suppose I could spare my left arm. It's practically useless....

*we are on the hunt. Anyone know of a basement apartment? An elderly couple serving a mission in need of house sitters? an adorable farm house that isn't asking my soul for pay? heck, we'll take a closet under the stairs! ideas? tips? email me! cathorley@gmail.com

**keep in mind we are in poverty. okay, okay i exaggerate. But we aren't rolling in the riches (besides our love) so we really will take anything we can get! (psh! and you thought I was kidding about the closet under the stairs...)


  1. craigslist and KSL classifieds are how I have found all of our apartments. You just need to check them ALL the time to find good deals. GoodLuck!

  2. your left arm, useless? Ahem, isn't that the one your RING goes on? ;) Keep dreaming, it doesn't matter when. Big front yards and wrap around driveways and mature trees all come to dreamers in time! Good luck!

  3. actually, you would be surprised to know that some of the most "affordable" rent is through Wymount. A 1 bedroom apartment is just about $580, and that's all utilities except electricity.

    And you can rent furniture if you don't have any/have the money to get any now.

    Just an option.

    And we're looking at moving there in August. So, we could be neighbors. :)

  4. p.s. I love that house too. we drive by it lots and I always sigh.

  5. that house is beautiful! we found a little basement apartment to rent from an elderly couple. and it's pretty much straight out the 70s... wood panneling and orange carpet. wahoo! but that's what all first apartments should have, right? CHARACTER! good luck on the hunt.

  6. Our first apartment was pretty cheap. One bedroom for 700 with all utilities included (even including tv and internet) but it was AWFUL. I guess we didn't really know any better- I would have to say my advice is choose an apartment that is affordable, but that you'd be totally comfortable living in.

    Questions I ask myself when browsing apartments:
    Do I like the kitchen? (Our first apt. had less than a foot of counter space)

    How could I decorate this place without making it look tacky?

    Do I like the bathroom?

    Would I feel okay to I had company over?

    Questions I always ask the landlord!
    Does the rent cover any of the utilities?

    Can we paint? (Sometimes they say no, but if you offer to paint it back or pay a deposit, sometimes they say yes)

  7. That's the house Matt shot me in front of.

  8. where do you live, exactly? and also? I'm SO happy for you.

  9. thanks for all the tips everyone! craigslist and ksl are now my homepage...

    i know there has to be a nook under the stairs somewhere for us....

    for those who asked, we are looking for a home in provo/orem utah. If anyone hears of an opening somewhere (cheap) please let me know!

    oh how i love you all....
    xoxoxo kitty