B said, She said

{the proposal}

She knew it was coming.
She was kinda getting impatient.
She was madly in love with him.
B was madly in love with her.
It was only a matter of time.

She woke up Thursday morning with butterflies in her stomach.

"It's happening today." she thought to herself, "Today is The Day!"

She wished she had time to get all cute.
But she didn't.
So to school she went, with the same outfit she wore the night before and hair that hadn't been washed in an embarrassingly large number of days.

B texted her "Good morning beautiful".
She texted B "Good morning handsome".

It seemed like a normal day.
But she still had those butterflies.
And butterflies never lie.
{At least not her butterflies}

the day dragged on.
She was at a late night class.
Nothing significant had happened yet.
B hadn't asked to see her that night.

"hmmm..." she thought, "maybe my butterflies lied. Or maybe I forgot to take my Lactaid pills before eating all that string cheese...."

And then B called. {normal}
And asked to see her that night. {normal}
And said he'd come to HER apartment. {NOT normal}

Ya see, B
despises her apartment {provo parking...nuff said}
So she always goes home. {free food....nuff said}

They said "I love you"s and "see you soon"s.
that was it.

And she knew.
She knew that if she didn't hurry to her apartment to get ready, she'd be stinky and gross looking.
And this was not the night to be stinky and gross looking.

She got ready at super-speed
{even though she tried on a ba-zillion outfits}
She was just finishing her hair when B knocked on the door.
She had him wait outside the bathroom door while did the finishing touches on her hair.

She made small talk.
B did the same.
Everything was "normal".
But the butterflies were back...and they brought friends.

but...conversation continued:

She "blah blah blah, I hate Biology....blah blah"
B: "yack yack yack......"


Then B said nothing. He didn't respond to anything she said.
It took her a minute to realize she was talking to herself.

"hello? you there?" {mind you, the bathroom door is closed.}


She opens door.

{B is on his knee}

That's all it took for those thousands of butterflies to turn into a hundred tears.

B said some pretty significant stuff but she didn't hear him.

She just kissed him and cried and marveled at the ring and cried and kissed him.
And golly! That ring!

Apparently the significant things B said were
pretty significant....

"will you marry me?"

and she didn't hear it amongst her cries and marvels.
{and hello...the ring? How does he expect her to listen to him when he flashes such a beauty in her face?! ahem!}


she didn't respond.

For a very long time.

Until she caught her breath,
And he repeated the question, this time with a "silly".

And she said a word that never felt so right in her entire life.


and then she kept saying it.
and saying it.
and saying it.

{She didn't think He'd be able to surprise her. She is a planner. He is not. So any sign of a plan would give it all away. She knew it was coming that night but she had no idea it would be in her yucky dump apartment. And later found out B didn't think it would be either. {remember how he's NOT a planner?} He attempted to plan it for later. But out it came. }

and it was perfect that way.

And it just got better {as love always does}
first she had to change outfits {again} cause she just had to be in a skirt.

then B took her to her favorite restaurant {Carrabas} where she ordered her favorite meal {pollo rosa maria}.

and they laughed
and giggled
and she would not stop finding an excuse to use her left hand.
and found out that just because her left hand looks really pretty now, doesn't mean she should always use it.
cause it's kinda a clutzy hand.

So now she just lets it sit pretty on her lap.
and loves it when all her girl friends scream when they see her.
and she can't stop smiling.
and she can't stop telling people.
even people she doesn't know.
and even people who don't care.
she just can't stop talking about it.

and crying.
smiley cries.
even as she types this up now.

"I love you"
she said.

"I love you"
he said.

"we're in love"
they said.

and that's what they'll keep saying for forever.
which is an extremely long time.
In fact it never ends.
{and they couldn't be more excited about that}



  1. awww this was so sweet! kind of reminds me how sean did it! we were at my house and i was making some pot stickers and could tell he was still hungry. i had a feeling he would propose that night..especially when he suggest we go get shakes. i totally thought he was going to drive me somewhere and have something all set up, so i threw on some jeans and a grungy hoody..and he opened his truck for me and BAM. the ring was on the seat and he proposed right there on my sidewalk. i knew it was coming but had been completely shocked just like you!! needless to say we did not go get shakes but i loved how he did it because it was so simple and totally caught me off guard! B is so cute! you guys are so cute! i am SOOO happy for you guys!

  2. EEH! So so romantic! I almost cried just reading it. Ah, I'm such a sap. Congratulations again. Love is all you need.

  3. What a lovely story Claire. You really are a wonderful writer. Your ring looks amazing. And I'm so happy for you!

  4. Loveloveloooove!I'm so thrilled for you two! Tan accidentally proposed early too. It's good to be stuck with someone who's excited to get stuck! :) Congrats!

  5. This was so delightfully written. It's oozing with joy. I'm so glad for you. You deserve the best!

  6. I love you, my Claire! Not everybody gets to marry their best friend. But I do...