happy friday!

I'm so happy it's friday!

The best thing about today will surely be my date tonight with this handsome man:

{photo credit: Matt Clayton}

the 2nd best thing about this friday is I'm already done with classes! woot woot!
so now I can do all those things I keep putting off!

{much of which is blogging, so stay tuned: I'll be posting the Rosie shoot, some christmas catchups, a scary story, and some other little surprises.}

*Also, please comment! Not only do I love all the pretty things you say, but I can't tell you how many friends I've made through comments! {Or e-mail me and tell me about your blogs! I'd love to check them out!}

other things that maybe should take (but most likely won't) priority on my list of things to do are:
  • go running!
  • start & finish Hamlet by tuesday
  • catch up on reading in 5 classes (bleh)
  • organize my shoes
  • sleep
  • grocery shop
  • laundry
3rd best thing about today is it's followed by a SATURDAY which is followed by a SUNDAY which is followed by a MONDAY+HOLIDAY which = another SATURDAY!!




  1. Claire -
    I have been a blog lurker on your bog for a little while. love the photos - jealous of your talent . . . and love seeing what you are up to. . . i miss the "trip" family sometimes.
    thanks for letting me lurk.

  2. Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my red shoes to me, to me! (sung to "My bonny lies over the ocean!)

    mommy dearest