Well something horrible has happened.
whilst eating my edamame (thanks este for the proper spelling!) yesterday, I bit into something that didn't taste right. so a spit it out, and to my horror found a little baby caterpillar. that had BEEN IN MY MOUTH. ew right?! who knows how many i've actually eaten! and even though they are long dead, i can't get the idea of them making more little baby caterpillars in my stomach.

naturally I was disgusted, and spared you documentation via photos.

But to give you an idea, the little guy looked something like this:

{picture of brother+ caterpillar. Caterpillars like this hang from the trees in Provo Canyon.
And apparently hang out in edamames as well. just my luck}

So i just thought I should warn you. I'd hate for my healthy advice to lead you to eating one of these critters. bleh.

so I'm hesitant to ask....but has anyone experienced eating something...gross...that shouldn't have been eaten?! I guess I just want to know what is out there...I don't want to be paranoid, just aware.

anyway i'm on strike against edamame currently. eventually i'll give in and eat them once again,



  1. My brother took his family to Mexico last fall and they bought and ate worm tacos ON PURPOSE!!!!

  2. Okay, just to let you have a chuckle, when you stated that the caterpillars "looked like this" and the next picture to scroll up was Dane, I laughed out loud!

  3. I found a HUGE bug in an artichoke I cooked for dinner once, I've never seen a bug like it ever before, but I totally lost my appetite after seeing it. I'll have to post a picture of it.

  4. I was once eating a delightful caesar salad on the pier in Seattle when I forked up what looked like a big chunk of pepper. (I had submitted to the wandering fresh-ground-pepper vender) Upon a closer look, my pepper corn had wings. Some fly was also enjoying my salad. No big deal. I got a new salad. NATURE HAPPENS! We just don't like to bite into nature.